Brandi Carlile Announces In These Silent Days Acoustic Re-Release In the Canyon Haze

Just in time for its first anniversary, Brandi Carlile is giving her most recent album In These Silent Days an update: 

The folk singer will re-record an acoustic version of the album song-by-song, titled In the Canyon Haze. 

Before it’s out on September 28th, Carlile has offered a preview with the new version of “You and Me on the Rock.”

The idea for In the Canyon Haze came about when Carlile was pondering a deluxe edition of Silent Days.

Rather than tacking on a few bonus tracks, she figured: Why not make the entire album a bonus?

The album keeps the original’s tracklist with the exception of a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” 

As for the new album’s title, Carlile cites the rootsy, bohemian spirit of the Laurel Canyon music scene. Pre-orders are ongoing.

“I knew I wanted to offer our fans more than just the usual ‘bonus track’ that always feels like a creative way to ask fans to buy your album twice,” she said in a statement. 

“So, the twins (Phil and Tim Hanseroth) and I locked ourselves in the attic studio in my barn just like the old days… and we reimagined our entire record.”

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