What Mark Zuckerberg Revealed About His Metaverse Plans

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has poured over $10 billion into metaverse research this year alone.

What is he spending on, and what does he hope to accomplish in building virtual worlds?

He offered some clues last week on The Joe Rogan Experience, which is by some metrics the most listened-to podcast in the world.

The episode, which sprawled almost three hours, made headlines for Zuckerberg’s comments about his hellish morning routine and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

But the interview also offered insight into his approach toward his tenuous, oft-ridiculed metaverse empire-building.

Here are some of the major takeaways.


Meta’s newest virtual reality headset, a successor to the Meta Quest 2, will arrive in October, Zuckerberg announced. 

Zuckerberg says Meta’s new VR headset is just one stop on a “long roadmap” towards a future not dominated by insular headsets but augmented reality (AR) glasses. 

When AR technology does arrive, Zuckerberg says that Star Wars-style holograms will be the norm.

If an AR-dominated world comes to fruition, then Meta will have access to a scary amount of footage and real-time data. 

In mid-August, Zuckerberg posted a selfie of his digital avatar inside Facebook’s metaverse platform Horizon Worlds. It was widely mocked for being low-quality or even “soulless.”

If Zuckerberg gets his way, then metaverse growth will come directly at the expense of the TV industry.

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